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Are We The World Police?

I title this piece as I did because how many times have we acted like the “World Police”?  Where has it gotten us in the past?  Does it create another area to house and have our military on alert and ready to defend its self in the event trouble starts?

President Obama has indicated that he is looking at options to control a “No Fly Zone” over Libya.  Is that really our place to do this?  Have we over extended our forces already by having our military in Iraq, where we are currently drawing down those forces.  We are fighting a war in Afghanistan, where we are committing even more military forces.  We are still in Korea guarding the 38th Parallel to ensure that North Korea does not cross into South Korea.  And military personnel and equipment in countries all over the world.  But yet we cannot control our very on border with Mexico.

My personal feelings are that we need to take care of our home first.  Get rid of gang violence that is taking over the cities and neighborhoods.  Not to mention the drugs that are pouring into this country from the south.  Let’s secure our own borders, place towers along the border and if a breach is attempted fire a warning shot and if it is not heeded then they are open targets for violating the border.

It will not take many shots to get those that are crossing and bringing their drugs over to look for another country to peddle it’s wears.  We don’t need it in this country!

Now will any of this happen?  I don’t think I will ever see it in my lifetime but would hope that it does happen for the sake of our future generations that are trying to make this the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” once again!


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