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Back In The Mainstream!

After doing Network Marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing or MLM, for over 30 years I finally gave it up.  Lost all of my contacts over the years, the company information and downline I was working with, plus an entire listing of over 9,000 names in a divorce settlement.  The Judge decided to provide this to the ex-wife who really could have cared less, except to cause damage to me.  But that is an entirely different story.

The fact of the matter is that a friend of mine from Hurst, Texas by the name of Hugh Parker called me one day and told me about a company that was just getting started.  He provided me the information on the product and also on the person who held the patent on the product.  The name of the company was Restart Your Life out of Lexington, S.C. (a suburb of Columbia).  The product was Beta-1, 3D glucans w/Resveratrol and the developer of the product was AJ Lanigan.  I knew I wasn’t going to get much on the company as it was new, however I did a search on the product and WOW what results I got back.  Found it was already being used in Japan for the treatment of cancer and at a cost of $900 per month.  Also it is a prescription drug in Japan, thus the reason it is so expensive.

After reading all I could about the product I proceeded to do a search on AJ Lanigan.  There was much information on Mr. Lanigan as well and all of it very positive.  Even found that he owned another company which marketed an earlier version of glucans which was not as powerful as the present nor did it have Resveratrol in it. All of the information was very impressive even to the point of high praises by the BBB of South Carolina.

Well after all this research I called Hugh back and told him I was in, what did I need to do.  He informed me that to join the company was FREE and also the replicating web site was likewise FREE.  He explained the compensation plan to me and it was one of the best I had ever heard of in this industry.  Most of the time the companies will try to find ways to make the money and leave very little for the distributors. However, this company seems to work to put $$ in the pocket of their distributors.

So now I am back in the mainstream of MLM and have an awesome position which is the 33rd person in the company.  I have been blessed with signing my second person to the program and come in.  He has set the tone to provide me with 425+ distributors in my downline as of today.

I will be posting information in here periodically regarding the company and the products.

We will be headed to Columbia, SC for the company’s first conference and the launch of the company along with the announcement of a new product and enhancement to the compensation plan.  As we learn new info we will post it.

Until then visit my web site at remember it is FREE to sign-up and also everyone that signs up is provided a replicated web site also for FREE.  This is an amazing product and I will be putting more information in the days to come.

God Bless!!

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