Splendor on the Island

19 Feb

That is the best statement that I can make when it comes to talking about the Hotel Galvez, better known as the “Queen of the Gulf”, located on Galveston Island, Texas.  The Galvez is most definitely “Splendor on the Island”.

The Hotel Galvez, built in 1911 as a symbol of Galveston’s recovery after the Hurricane of 1900, has been a military headquarters during World War II, a temporary White House for President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s staff and in the 1920s served as a hub for Galveston’s social, political and business scene.

Hotel Galvez in 1911

Hotel Galvez will celebrate 100 years in June 2011 and has survived many a storm that has come ashore in the Galveston area.  Most recently Hurricane Ike which came ashore on September 13, 2008.  Many areas around the island have the waterline marked on their buildings which shows the water to be over my head, and I am 6’4″.  That is a lot of water!  Hotel Galvez had water that covered the entire first floor area, not to mention those areas below ground level.  But she survived and is still a radiant beauty today.

Initially Kay and I were unsure where we were going to stay after my doctor appointments in Houston earlier in the day.  She knew of the Hotel Galvez and wanted to just drive by and see it.  Finally after trying prices at other hotels in the area she contact the Hotel Galvez.  They made her such a deal over the phone that we just had check it out.

Hotel Galvez 2011

We arrived and there was a doorman that met the car and opened the doors of the vehicle and then proceeded to open the doors of the hotel for us to enter. When we entered it was like stepping back in time as the decor was awesome.  Now mind you walking into the Hotel Bentley in Alexandria, LA had the same effect when it was in operation.  I know as I had the pleasure of staying at the Bentley for almost 60 days after transferring to the area.

After checking in and talking the desk clerk into upgrading us to a room high and facing the Gulf of Mexico we headed to our room.  We were on the 6th floor, any higher required special access, and almost mid-hotel.  The view would have been awesome except the salt spray had placed a film on the windows that made it difficult to see well.  But we were still in a very nice room with what would have been a awesome view.

Our room was 4 star quality and caliber what with the king size bed which was topped with high quality linen and a duvet cover.  There was a sitting area with a very comfortable couch, both wired and wireless high speed internet, 40″ flat screen television mounted to the wall, small refrigerator tucked into the dresser, safe also with the dresser, shower with dual shower heads – one overhead which was totally awesome and many other extras.  I guess what I am trying to say is if you ever have the chance to stay at the Hotel Galvez, take the opportunity you will not be disappointed.

Kay waiting for her coffee

Continued excellence awaited us as we entered the dinning area and was shown to our table.  The settings on the table was of the highest quality and our waiter was very polite and wanted to know what we would like to have for a beverage.  We had coffee and apple juice to begin with and then began to look at the menu.  I won’t go into what we actually had for breakfast other than to say it was fantastic and we were both stuffed when we left.

Enjoying the Bolivar Ferry ride

We checked out of our room and departed the hotel around noon.  Headed to the Bolivar Ferry for the trip across the ship channel.  This is so awesome as it saves having to go back through Houston and all the traffic.  And there is no cost to use the ferry.  Sure saves a lot of time and gives you a neat view of the harbor and all the ships and boats that are using the waterway.  It was very interesting and pleasant way to cross over the channel.

When we arrived on the other side we continued our drive homeward.  Stopping along the way to do some seashell hunting.  We stopped at the right spot and found a good load of shells to bring home.  Now we begin the cleaning and polishing of them.  Not a huge problem or job.

Kay and I pulled into our drive around 8:20pm after having a great time on the road.  It was nice to get home and we were happy to see that Ki Ki (our adopted cat) had survived our being gone.  She meowed, we fed her and she was very happy and constantly rubbed up against our legs as if it were a game to weave in and out.

Not all the news was great news from the trip.  I was hoping that the Neurosurgeon that I went to see re my back would give me some hope.  Well he didn’t.  I was told that I have a bulge in one of my disc but that it is not bad enough for surgery.  I also have a lot of arthritis of the spine which there is nothing that they can do for.  The doctor wrote prescriptions for new pain medication and muscle relaxers to try to help.  I will try those and see how they do.  Please keep me in your prayers!

I know that I have the greatest physician that anyone could ever hope for.  God has the ability to heal me and I know he will.  I have all the faith in Him and know that He will take my pain away!

Jerimiah 17:14 
Heal me, O LORD, and I will be healed;

save me and I will be saved,
for you are the one I praise.

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One response to “Splendor on the Island

  1. Shawn E. Tuma

    February 20, 2011 at 9:33 pm


    I loved the blog — what a great place! As I mentioned to you and Mom while y’all were tooling around the island, The Galvez is where Rachel and I stayed when we went in early March last year and we absolutely loved it. It is a magnificent hotel that is by far the nicest of any we’ve seen in Galveston, and nicer than most I’ve seen anywhere. We loved the historical significance and “old world” charm, class, and luxury of the hotel and are anxious go back.

    On our last morning there, we had the brunch and found ourselves in at least a half hour conversation with the chef who has been working there for decades. He gave us all of the scoop on the hotel, the restorations, why it was able to withstand Hurricane Ike much better than the others, etc. He also gave us another tid-bit of information that I didn’t tell y’all … it’s purported to be haunted! 🙂 Apparently there is one particular room in the hotel that has been haunted for years and, as I recall, there is quite a bit of internet fodder on the issue. Of course, I knew that with yours and Mom’s chaperon, the Big Guy Himself, that wouldn’t matter any any would-be-haunters would run away somewhere else, but I just thought I’d let you know that!


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