Breathing – Taken For Granted

11 Feb

What is a normal breathing rate for adults?  After looking it up on the internet I found that normal is 12-18 breaths per minute.

Many of us I am sure take this for granted every day of our lives.  That is until we have a problem that comes up that causes us to struggle to take a breath of that wonderful life providing item called – breath.

I found that I was one of those that for years took it for granted.  After being sick with a cold for almost 10 days and taking medicine prescribed by the hospital I found myself gasping for breath.  I bent over to plug in a space heater behind the television and by the time I raised up I was short of breath and found that I was grasping for breath.

I had never had a problem breathing before and now here I was wondering what was happening to me.  My wife noticed and got me over to my chair to rest and catch my breath.  She then advised me that the next day I was going to the hospital to find out what was going on with me.

Ended up in the emergency room at the VA Medical Center here in Pineville and after some blood test and a chest x-ray I finally saw a doctor.  He listened to my lungs and talked with me and said that it appeared that I had a bad case of bronchitis.  Next thing I know I was getting breathing treatments, an IV for dehydration and 2 shots of antibiotics.  Ended up receiving 3 breathing treatments in all and staying at the hospital from around 2:00pm until almost 8:00pm when we got back home.  The breathing treatments seemed to help and they sent me home with a grocery shopping bag filled with medicine, breathing machine to continue the treatments at home.

Now I am very cognizant of my breathing and very thankful for each and every breath I am able to take.  One tends to do that when something happens and we are made aware of how important it is.

Take time to be thankful for the awesome breaths you are able to take each and every day that will sustain your life.  For without it we will not be able to remain on this earth to enjoy the things we love.

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One response to “Breathing – Taken For Granted

  1. Shawn E. Tuma

    February 12, 2011 at 12:01 am

    Bob, your comments remind me of the old American Lung Association commercials that said “when you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.” I’d say you now agree with that sentiment! Nonetheless, I am glad you are feeling better and we will keep praying for your recovery from this!


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