Facebook Important Link to Family

22 Jan

It has been a couple weeks now I guess since my last blog.

Since I finally received a response to a query that I made earlier this month to an individual whom I thought may be a relative, what better subject to cover in this blog.

Was searching through Facebook just to see the other Wieters that may be lurking about the social network.

I came upon a name that rang a bell from long ago. That being Chance Wieters.  Hmmm, I thought that is really too close to a first cousin that was back in Charleston, SC who was named Chanson and was the son of my Dad’s brother, Otto Henry Wieters.  Uncle Otto was not only my uncle but he was also my Godfather as I take my middle name from his.

I remember Uncle Otto and Aunt Hallie lived about 1.5 miles from us and I use to ride my bicycle around to their house frequently.  Aunt Hallie was always known to have fresh baked cookies laying around just waiting for her “favorite” (just kidding) nephew to come around and eat some with either a bottle of Coca Cola (remember the small glass bottles) or a glass of milk.

Well, I thought, may as well write a note and see if by chance if Chance was a long lost cousin.  Received a note back this morning that yes he is in fact my second cousin and resides in Clemmons, NC (Clemmons is southwest of Winston Salem, NC).

Chance and Family

He has a beautiful family, which includes two beautiful daughters.  Now you have to understand that

girls on the Wieters side of the family are very rare.  So congratulations to Chance and his beautiful wife

Kim on this accomplishment.

Now what is even more interesting is the fact that one of Chance and Kim’s daughters is named, Hallie.  What and absolute honor to bestow upon his Grandmother than to name their first daughter after her.  This honor carries her legacy on and provides  with a history that she will be able to study upon as she gets older.

Aunt Hallie, Chance’s Grandmother was an awesome woman, as I eluded to earlier.  She was your classic “Southern Belle” as you would imagine one to be. Very refined and could have provided instruction to Martha Stewart on proper etiquette when it came to furnishings and how to prepare for an elegant dinner or party.  Not only was the house in town furnished and always spot free, the beach house on the Isle of Palms was also that way.

I also have very vivid memories of spending time at the beach house on Isle of Palms with Uncle Otto and Aunt Hallie.  I can still picture the house and the

walk through the sand and over the sand dunes to the beach.  Ouch, those sand burrs were tough on the feet!

Chance, thanks for bringing those memories back and providing wonderful thoughts of home.  They have been lost for a long time.

Kay at Cotton Bowl

I look forward to meeting you and your family as well as I am looking forward to your meeting my wife as well.  We are planning a trip to Charleston this spring while stopping to visit my sister-in-law in Columbia.  Who knows we may just grab a little highway and head north toward Clemmons and stop in for a short visit.

Will stay in touch!!

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