07 Jan

Well Kay and I made it to Dallas area and when we pulled into the driveway of the grand-kids there was a lot of whooping and hollering going on.  The “Tiger-Mobile” had arrived with all the LSU flags and magnets all over.

This morning when it came time to take Katherine to school, she was ashamed to ride and be seen in the “Tiger-Mobile” going to school.  But that’s okay she doesn’t have to be seen in it.  The boys on the other hand were just the opposite, they were hoping that their friends would be outside to see them coming to school all decked out in purple and gold with flags a waving.

We headed to Scottish Rites Hospital to see Clara, our 5 year old grand-daughter, who had several procedures yesterday.  She also was able to visit with the entire team and coaches of LSU when they visited the hospital yesterday.  What an awesome thing for them to do!  You can see it all if you go to and view the video of the event.

Well Kay and arrived in the “Tiger-Mobile” and were greeted with waves by many people along the North Dallas Tollway.  It is nice to see so many Tiger Fans in the Dallas area.  These people were not only waving, but were also smiling.  Dallas is a very friendly place.  Why while I was in the men’s room using the bathroom a man standing at the urinal right next to me said, “I bet you are in the white car in the parking lot with all the flags.”.  I guess my purple attire gave me away!  I told him, “Why yes I am, thanks for asking.”  We exchanged a few topics about LSU and went on our way.  Now this was interesting, to say the least.  Don’t you agree?

We tried to go see a young boy who the nurses said was a big LSU fan, since he was on the same floor as Clara.  His name was Zack, and upon entering his room you could see that he was for sure a BIG fan.  His room was completely decked out in purple and gold.  Even his covers on the bed were LSU.  But I guess the thing that gave it away was the bulletin board that he had on the wall.  It was loaded with photos of him along with various players along with a few great photos of him and Head Coach Les Miles.  We missed him as he was not in his room, but I still enjoyed looking at his pictures.  We tried to find him to let him know he was a BIG celebrity, but we were not fortunate enough to locate him.

After leaving the hospital we headed to a place called Sam Moon Trading Company.  We found it and I went in to replace my flags that took a beating on the trip.  Found 4 and bought them all!  Well that is not all I bought.  I am a sucker when it comes to LSU merchandise.  I am keeping the economy alive and well in the Dallas area.

Headed to the hotel.  Arrived and found out I had put the wrong hotel into the GPS.  Back to the car and another 13-15 miles back towards Dallas along I-30 this time.  Well finally located the right hotel and have gotten checked in.  Now it is off to see the other grand-kids and family in Roanoke, TX.  Approximately 30 miles further west.  We are waiting for the traffic to die down a little. We have found that you don’t want to travel anywhere between 5:00pm – 7:00pm.  So as I wrap this up it is going on 6:45pm and I figure by the time I get this all proofed and uploaded it will be time to head west.

Wish us God’s speed and a lot of luck on our finding our way.  Sure am glad Kay gave me a new GPS for Christmas.

Will write more tomorrow.  But until then……………..


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