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Year Is Almost Gone!

Wow, can’t believe I haven’t posted to this blog since September. A lot has happened since my last blog post. First of all the critters have stopped coming around and eating KiKi’s food. Even the stray cats that were coming around have stopped. Guess the stings in the butt finally clicked in and they decided the food wasn’t worth the stings. KiKi actually has food in her bowl the next morning now when she doesn’t eat it all the night before.

Christmas has come and gone without any problems. Kay and I decided to stay home this year and spend Christmas by ourselves for the first time. We did go to her nephew and niece’s home for Christmas dinner. Rich fixed the best gumbo either one of us have ever eaten. It was smoked duck and goose gumbo with sausage. It was soooooo good!! Then a little later he took a beef roll; goose and venison that he had on the smoker all morning off and carved it all up. This was served with a variety of other sides that were prepared and brought by everyone. Needless to say I was bombed out after eating all that I had on my plate. Then afterward I headed to the desert table and ended up completely hurting myself. I was miserable after all that.

I just found a soft chair and sat down to rest the awesome meal I had just devoured.

A little later after some visiting we left and headed out to deliver some presents that we had loaded into the truck. First stop was to a friend’s home where we made a delivery. I got out and didn’t realized the height of the carport was lower than my 6’4″ height. Didn’t duck under and ended up with an almost scalped head. Now know how it felt when the Indians scalped the cowboys back when. Didn’t draw blood but sure felt like it did. Ouch!!!

Christmas with my beautiful wife was awesome! Opened my gifts and super excited to find a new GPS unit under the tree from my awesome bride. Got a new Garmin Nuvi 1350T with lifetime updates on both maps and traffic. Also got what I have been wanting now for several years, a complete weather station which registers wind speed/direction; rainfall; outside temp and inside temp. It is the Oregon Pro Weather Station. I have been reading on it and will try to get the outside modules put out this coming week (after it warms up a bit). Can’t wait to begin to get a complete outline of the weather. I have had an outside temperature and humidity monitor which registers on the inside unit. This will be quit an upgrade to that system. Also received many LSU pj’s and sweatshirts (love LSU gear!). Got some other stocking stuffer items that are awesome. Rob, Nicole, CJ and Katy sent me an LSU coffee mug and some good Mary Kay smelly stuff and Jeff, Carin, Ashlee, Amberlee and Caleb sent us a new ornament for the tree which is very beautiful. Thank you all for everything, what a wonderful Christmas!!

Hate it that Kay was not feeling well during the Christmas week and hope she starts feeling better soon and by New Year’s Eve. We are going to have a bottle of bubbly on New Year’s Eve and then fire off some awesome fireworks this year. I didn’t do this last year and not really sure why. But I will make up for it this year and do a double dose. I know one thing I want to do for sure is get one of those long, and I do mean long, rolls of fire crackers and set them off at midnight. They last like 15-20 minutes of continued popping action. Then I also want the professional type of aerial boomers that are also very pretty when they pop. Have a friend who has a fireworks stand so that will help with the cost as he always gives me a great deal and a very reduced cost. Only way I would be able to do this!! The big fireworks though will come in the kiss I plan to give my wife at midnight!!!

Here is hoping that everyone who reads this blog had a very Merry Christmas and will have a very Happy New Year. This could possibly be my last blog for 2010, so will see everyone on the other side of the beginning of 2011.

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